10-29-22 Assignment

  1. Memorize the lesson 20 vocabulary using the quizlet ic-l1p2-l20-d1-flash-cards/ 2. Take the test and write down the score. test?answerTermSides=2& promptTermSides=6& questionCount=20& questionTypes=4&showImages= false 3. Read the textbook P. 286 and 287 Mark the tone mark on each character.

3-26-22 Assignment

 1. Please complete the character worksheet (say it and write it) 2. Study the PPT and complete the assignment in the PPT (translate into characters)

3-19-22 Assignment

  The assignments for this week are as follows: 1. Translate the two dialogues in the handout.  2. Read the dialogues 2 times.  3. Practice your speech.

2-26-22 Assignment

  1. Memorize your speech (one sentence a day and pay attention to the tone) 2. Please create two sentences for each sentence pattern in the PPT. 3. Please translate the English sentences into Chinese. 4. Please listen to the recording and answer the questions below. 1. 李友后来喜欢给王朋打电话,因为 a.王朋觉得写信很麻烦。 b. 打电话比写信方便。 c. 她还可以跟王朋的父母聊聊。 d. 她没有钱吃饭。 2. 下面哪一个是对的? a. 王朋的学校跟他爸爸妈妈家在一样的地方。 b. 王朋的女朋友在中国。 c, 王朋暑假回中国了。 d. 王朋不喜欢跟女朋友聊天。

2-19-22 Assignment

  1. Create a family tree using the attached PPT template. Please print it out to fill in the information.  Please use textbook P. 303 and 304 as reference. 2. Please listen to the recording and answer the two questions below. #1 坐飞机为什么得早点儿订票? #2 下面哪一个是对的。      a. 订机票以前得把往返的时间想清楚。      b. 订机票以前得把行李托运。      c. 上飞机以前得多付转机的钱。      d. 上飞机以前得把托运的行李带上飞机。 3. Complete the character worksheets (read then write) 4. Record your speech on Flipgrid. Username if needed Diane 001 Annika 002 Zoe 003

2-5-22 Assignment

  1. Quiz on the lesson 20 dialogue 1 vocabulary. icl1-lesson-20-flash-cards/ 2. 3 page handouts - be able to read (without pinyin) and translate the sentences. 3. Please watch this video and we will discuss it in the next class. v=wN6GlDGMwQ4 4. One minute speech contest draft 


 1. Create total 8 sentences using the examples on textbook P. 295 and 296 have party 2. Complete the fill in the blank in the PPT 3. Keep elaborating your speech for the contest.  Please send me your script before Saturday.  Thank you. 4. Memorize the #1- #21 Vocabulary flashcards